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Packaged in pill jars, this dietary supplement is made only of six-year-old Korean red ginseng extract and shape-holding ingredients, allowing KRG Extract Pills to be used in the easiest and most convenient way. Made small and round for optimal swallowing, KRG Extract Pills retain the rich active components of Korean red ginseng at an optimal level, without requiring any preparation. For ginseng-on-the-go, no product is more quick and ready than KRG Extract Pills.

  • Made it as pellets and convenient to carry and use.
  • Rich flavor of ginseng, easily absorbed.
  • Helps to improve physical fitness, to relieve stress, suitable for insomnia and frequent urination person.
  • Oligofructose can maintain the intestinal health, so for colon management.

Suggested Use:

Taking 1 to 3 times a day, once 3-5pills.

* 15 years of age who consumed the amount of 1/2.


[168g (approx. 800 pills)]

Extract Pill 168g


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Extract Pills - 168g

Extract Pills - 168g

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