We do our best to keep our online database current so you will be notified on the Shopping Cart screen if any of your items are out of stock.

Shipping rates are calculated on our checkout pages, and are quoted before you are prompted for payment.

Our shipping prices are calculated based on weight, distance, and speed, and only include a moderate handling fee. To save you money, we recommend that you examine all shipping options before making your choice, as depending on your package, prices will vary greatly.

Through exceptional distribution deals and bulk purchasing, we are able to offer you the lowest prices on the products you want.

You can collect 2% of your total purchase on KGC Canada online store. For every $1 spent, 1 reward point(equivalent of 2 cent) is provided. 500 Points correspond to $10. You can start using your points once you have 500 Points or more.

Our products are always brand new unless obviously noted.

We currently do not ship internationally. However, you may visit our US site at www.kgcus.com.

For customers that live in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec, purchases will not be charged PST or QST. only 5% GST will still be charged by KGC online store. Customers in those provinces will be responsible for the PST of their online orders by themselves.

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