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Donginbi Canada

Donginbi Canada

Buy luxury skincare products from the official Donginbi Canada store at KGC Canada.

Donginbi – was founded by Korean dermatologists, that specialize in yang-type cosmetics that is known for advanced delivery deep into the skin. Donginbi is made with natural ingredients that are proven to be effective and do not contain harmful chemicals – paraben, phthalates or sulphates.

Donginbi brings the wondrous touch of Korean Red Ginseng combined with over 120 years of tradition & modern science. Optimized to help deliver an amazing transformation to your skin.

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About Donginbi & Benefits of Donginbi Products

Donginbi Red Ginseng Cosmetics reflects the century-long history, tradition and innovation of Cheong-Kwan-Jang.

The purity of the six-year-grown Korean red ginseng, high concentrations and a special manufacturing process allow Donginbi cosmetics to preserve the detoxifying & repairing properties of Korean ginseng. The science behind Donginbi allows it's products to deliver the healing properties of red ginseng deep into your skin. This in turn presents amazing transformations of your skin, rejuvenating & allowing it to take back its natural abilities.

What Lines of Cosmetics exist under Donginbi Brand?

There is a number of lines under the Donginbi Cosmetics brand, each designed for it's own use:

  • Donginbi 1899 – the line based on the innovation by Donginbi – red ginseng oil extracted from it's roots. This is an intensive care line based on innovation & technology
  • Donginbi Defence Essence – an anti-aging line designed for daily use
  • Power Repair Line – intensive, anti-aging products based on red ginseng extract and saponins. Designed to bring back the youthful look to the tired skin

How Soon Can I See Results After Using Donginbi Products?

It is recommended to use the Donginginbi skincare products for 12+ weeks to start seeing results. However, depending on your skin type, the products you are using and the effects you are looking to achieve, you may get results sooner.

Ingredients in Donginbi Products

All Donginbi products are based on the world-renowned six-year-grown Korean red ginseng. Specific concentrations, purity, and other ingredients in each product depend on the objectives this product is designed to achieve.

What are the Most Popular Products by Donginbi?

Every product is designed to solve specific problems. Some of the most popular products by Dinginbi Cosmetics include:

Where are Donginbi Products Manufactured?

All Donginbi Skincare products are manufactured in South Korea.