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GoodBase is a brand by CheongKwanJang – world’s #1 ginseng brand with a 120-year heritage & scientific experience delivering superior quality products.

As the name suggests, GoodBase products are made on a “good base”. Every product is designed to deliver the best of both worlds – the benefits of the world-renowned Korean red ginseng, plus a delicious taste.

All on a “good base”.

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What are the Benefits of GoodBase Products?

  • Delivers an energy boost, without caffeine
  • Helps recover from chemical & physical stress
  • Improves focus & cognitive function
  • Supports blood flow
  • Helps improve sleep quality


GoodBase products include some of the best ingredients, meticulously picked to deliver peace of mind, plus the best value to our clients.

Our ingredients come from some of the best sources – Korean red ginseng, Polish Aronia, Israeli peaches, and other ingredients sourced from around the world to deliver the cleanest and highest quality ingredients.

Because of the top-quality ingredients, manufacturing process, and extensive quality assurance, GoodBase delivers the top quality product, every time.

Quality Assurance

Products you can trust. Our quality assurance process includes over 290 inspections of ingredients & safety. And our products are manufactured in HACCP-certified facilities.

CheongKwanJang is translated from Korean as a “government-assured, reliable product”. GoodBase products deliver on this expectation, every time.