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Korean Red Ginseng Sticks

Korean Red Ginseng Sticks are one of the most popular ways to consume Korean red ginseng products. Sticks are a convenient way to carry our products with you, no matter where you are. On the morning commute or enjoying the KGC products after lunch at the office and more. 

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What are the Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng Sticks?

  • Convenience – take Korean red ginseng products wherever you go
  • Always fresh – open one pouch at a time
  • Easy to carry – keep Korean red ginseng sticks in your bag, your office table or your car, wherever you go. Take ginseng sticks with you, no matter where you go.
  • Discover – Korean red ginseng sticks can be an easy way to sample some of our most popular products like Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Who can Benefit from Korean Red Ginseng in Sticks?

  • People who live a busy life
  • Those who travel a lot and want to take red ginseng products with them
  • People who don’t have time and want to get the benefit of Korean red ginseng on their commute or at the office
  • Those who sometimes need a pick-me-up snack after launch or during the day

What are Some of the Most Popular Korean Red Ginseng Products in Sticks?