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Korean Red Ginseng Kid Tonic

Korean Red Ginseng Kid Tonic

Bringing health to the whole family from adults to kids. Korean Red Ginseng tonics for children is a supplement that helps support immunity, boost cognitive growth, as well as support physical growth for your kids.

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What are the Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng Tonics for Kids?

Korean red ginseng for kids is a product by the world-renowned ginseng brand – CheongKwanJang that are formulated specifically for children.

  • Formulated for the needs of different ages
  • Designed to help support immunity
  • Support growth
  • Reduced bitterness of ginseng

What Ages Does Ginseng for Kids work for?

There is a variety of solutions formulated by CheongKwanJang for ages 3-18.

  • Kid Tonic Step 1 (age 3 to 4) – designed for the youngest facility members. Kid ginseng focuses on balance in nutrition, as well as health in digestion.
  • Kid Tonic Step 2 (age 5 to 7) – ginseng for kids formulated to focus on immunity and energy for children to play around
  • Kid Tonic Step 3 (age 8 to 10) – Korean ginseng tonic for kids that focuses on immunity & growth
  • I-Pass Junior (age 11 to 13) – another ginseng tonic for kids by CheongKwanJang focused on immunity
  • I-Pass M (age 13 to 15) – product that helps support development of your kids, their growth, and immunity
  • I-Pass H (age 16~18) – supports immunity, cognitive development and growth

Warning: Supervise children while they drink. Pouch edges may be sharp. Torn edges may present a  choking hazard.

If child has a medical condition or takes medication, consult a doctor before use.

If child shows any adverse reactions, stop use and consult a doctor. Store pouches out of the reach of children.

Avoid exposing pouches to direct sunlight, and keep in a cool, dry place.