Caffeine-Free Korean Red Ginseng vs Coffee

Korean Red Ginseng Tea by CheongKwanJang

Caffeine-Free Korean Red Ginseng vs Coffee

Many people consider switching away from coffee and one of the potential consideration is often red ginseng tea. In today’s post we will answer some of the frequently asked questions when in comes to Korean Red Ginseng tea.

Does Ginseng Tea Have Caffeine?

No, ginseng does not contain caffeine and is caffeine-free. Because of this there is also no caffeine in Korean Red Ginseng tea.

What is Korean Red Ginseng Tea?

Ginseng tea is a tea based on a special perennial herb that grows in the mountain regions of Korea, China, and North America. 

Korean Ginseng – is a type of ginseng plant that grows in Asia and is often referred to as a panax ginseng or Asian ginseng. It stands out because of the impressive amount of saponins and other components that are not found in other varieties of ginseng.

Korean Red Ginseng – is a type Korean Ginseng that becomes red as a result of traditional steaming and drying process. This maximizes the benefits of ginseng and preserves more of its benefits.

Korean Red Ginseng tea is a tea that is extracted from the Korean Red Ginseng Roots and contains ginsenosides – that give Korean Red Ginseng Tea a number of its benefits.

Why Korean Red Ginseng Tea Comes in Granules vs Leafs?

Korean Red Ginseng tea comes in packets that contain granules that are quick to dissolve. That’s because Korean Red Ginseng tea is not made from leafs, but from the Korean Red Ginseng roots and in order to make tea out of Korean Red Ginseng roots it is made into granules.

What are the Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng Tea?

– Boost energy – with no caffeine

– Helps relieve fatigue

– Promotes healthy blood circulation

– Contains plentiful supply of antioxidants

– Immune system boost

– Supports cognitive health

– Helps improve memory function

– Beneficial for skin

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