Bamboo Shoot & Korean Red Ginseng Slices in Mustard Sauce

Bamboo Shoot & Korean Red Ginseng Slices in Mustard Sauce is …

Bamboo Shoot & Korean Red Ginseng Slices in Mustard Sauce is offers a great sweet & sour taste with an addition of mustard sauce to diverse fresh vegetables. The Korean red ginseng slices make this dish more flavorful with a chewy texture. Bamboo shoots strengthen our body by discharging wastes and promoting blood circulation. The addition of Korean red ginseng helps us regain vigor and energy.


Bamboo shoots :  1/2 piece

Korean Red ginseng slices : 1 bag

Cocktail shrimp : 10 shrimps

Paprika (green, orange, red) : 1/2 piece for each color

Carrot : 1/4 piece

Cucumber :  1/2 piece

Salt : Little

Mustard Sauce

Fermented mustard : 2 ts
Vinegar : 2 ts
Salt : 1 ts
Condensed milk : 2  ts
Pear juice : 4 ts
Mayonnaise : 2 ts


1. Blanch bamboo shoots in boiling rice water. Rake out the white lime powder inside and cut them into 0.3cm-long slices.

2. Blanch cocktail shrimp in boiling with an addition of salt. Then, Leave it to cool.

3. Cut the Korean red ginseng into slices and cleanly wash paprika. After removing core and seeds, cut it into 0.2cm-thick slices.

4. Cut the carrot and cucumber into 5cm-long pieces and then 0.2cm-thick slices.

5. Make a mustard sauce with the prepared ingredients.

6. Pour the ingredients into a bowl and mix them with the mustard sauce. Then, put them on dishes.

Recipes Tips !

Do not make the sauce salty!

Bamboo shoots taste mild so that if the sauce is too strong, they may lose their own flavor. If fresh bamboo shoots are used, slightly blanch them to remove a bitter taste. To have them boiled, use rice water. They are well cooked if a boiled corn-like savory smell comes out.

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