Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Korean Red Ginseng

Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Korean Red Ginseng is …

Wollamssam, Vietnamese spring rolls, is very good for health because a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits can be eaten in rice paper wraps. The addition of Korean red ginseng slices makes this dish unique and special in a good harmony with other ingredients.


Rice paper : 12 sheets
Squash : 1/2 piece, Carrot : 1/4 piece
Mung bean sprouts : 1 handful
Radish sprouts : 1/2 pack
Perilla leaf : 12 leaves
Korean Red ginseng slices : 2 bags

Mustard Sauce

Prepared mustard : 3 Ts
Honey : 2 Ts, Vinegar : 1 Ts
Minced garlic chives : 1 ts

Fish Sauce

Fish sauce : 3 Ts
Minced cheongyang chili pepper : 1 ts


1. Cut the squash into slices and slightly stir-fry it on a pan. Leave it to cool.

2. Remove mung bean sprout tails. Cut the carrot and squash into slices.

3. Rinse radish sprouts and trim them.

4. Cut the Korean red ginseng slices thin.

5. Gently soak the rice paper in warm water and spread it out on a chopping board.

6. Spread out two sheets of perilla leaves and ingredients on the rice paper from the step 5. Then, roll the rice paper gently.

7. Add mustard and fish sauces.

Recipes Tips !

Soak the rice paper in warm water.

Do not soak the rice paper in hot water. Otherwise, it would become sticky. It the rice paper is soaked in warm water, it does not tear easily and rolls well. In addition, it becomes chewy. If Korean red ginseng extract is added to a mustard sauce, a sour taste can be eased.

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