Soy Milk with Carrot and Korean Red Ginseng

Soy Milk with Carrot and Korean Red Ginseng is …

For the children who are reluctant to eat Korean red ginseng, a juice with an addition of carrot is good. In particular, carrot is rich in vitamin A and effective in recovering from fatigue. In addition, it contains good nutrients which are well absorbed into a human body.


Korean Red ginseng marc : 30g
Carrot : 1/5 piece
Tangerine : 1 piece
Soy milk : 1 cup
Honey : 1 Ts
Salt Little


1. Peel off the carrot and chop it.

2. Wash the tangerine with salt. Peel off and chop it into slices.

3. Pour the carrot, tangerine, soy milk and Korean red ginseng marc into a mixer and mix them.

4. Pour the mixture into a cup. Add honey if you want.

Recipes Tips !

Get protein with soy milk.

The cold soy milk contains milk-like nutrients so that it provides protein which is short in Korean red ginseng and carrot. An addition of tangerine and honey makes this food more nutritious and smoother.

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