Sweet and Sour Chicken in Korean Red Ginseng Sauce

Sweet and Sour Chicken in Korean Red Ginseng Sauce is …

Tangsuyuk refers to a meat coated in starch and deep-fried. It is mixed with a sweet and sour sauce. The chicken tangsuyuk with a Korean red ginseng sauce offers a perfect harmony among the bitter taste of Korean red ginseng, savory flavor of chicken and sweet taste of sauce. It is good for children who are reluctant to eat Korean red ginseng


Chicken : 1/2 chicken

Paprika (red, yellow) : 1/4 piece each
Button mushroom : 2 pieces

Wood ear mushroom : 2 pieces
Dried shiitake mushroom : 1 piece

Kiwi : 1/2 piece, Onion : 1/4 piece
Minced garlic : 1/2 ts

Sesame oil : 1 ts, Cooking oil Small amount

Chicken Seasoning

Korean Red ginseng extract : 1 ts
Soy sauce : 1 ts

Garlic juice : 1/2 ts
Cheongyang chili pepper juice :1 ts
Ginger juice, black pepper Little

Chicken Fritters

Cake flour : 1/2 cup
Egg white : 1 Ts

Water starch : 4 Ts


Dried Kuruma shrimp : 2 Ts
Kelp(5 centimeters in length and width) : 1 piece
Dried shiitake mushroom : 1 piece
Chicken bone : 1/2 chicken

Water : 3 cups

Sauce for Sweet and Sour Chicken with Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red ginseng extract : 1 Ts

Soybean paste : 1 ts, Sugar : 2 Ts

Garlic : 2 pieces, Soy sauce : 1 ts,

Oyster sauce :1/2 ts, Stock  : 1 cup

Water starch (starch: 2 Ts, water: 2 cups)

Vinegar : 2 Ts


1. Bone the chicken and cut the chicken meat into 5cm-wide slices. Marinate them in chicken seasoning for 10 minutes.

2. Put the stock ingredients in a pot and boil.

3. Soak the wood ear mushrooms in cold water and remove hard part. Cut them into 3cm-long pieces. Soak the dried shiitake mushrooms in hot water and cut them into 3cm-long slices.

4. Cut the paprika, button mushrooms, kiwi and onions into dices (3 centimeters in length and width).

5. Coat the chicken meat from the step 1 with flour and pour cooking oil on a pan. Once the pan temperature reaches 180°C, deep-fry it twice and have it drain through a sieve.

6. Add and stir-fry minced garlic and onions on a pan. Add paprika and button mushrooms from the step 4 and soy sauce and stir-fry them.

7. Pour the stock from the step 2 and water starch-less ingredients of the sauce for sweet and sour chicken with Korean red ginseng into the mixture from the step 6 and boil.

8. Pour water starch into the sauce from the step 7 and add kiwi and sesame oil.

9. Mix the fried chicken from the step 5 with the sauce from the step 8. Put the food on a dish.

Recipes Tips !

Deep-fry the chicken twice.

To make tangsuyuk, make sure that you deep-fry the meat twice. At the first frying, water is removed. At the 2nd frying, it becomes crispy. Add water starch when the sauce boils. Keep stirring the sauce to prevent the starch from lumping.