Korean Red Ginseng Chicken Soup with Small Octopus and Abalone

Korean Red Ginseng Chicken Soup with Small Octopus and Abalone is …

A small octopus is rich in taurine so that it is effective in regaining stamina and energy. Abalone is also good for the aged and children with rich protein, mineral and vitamin contents. Furthermore, the small octopus and abalone peels make the soup more refreshing and tasteful, easing the slightly bitter taste of Korean red ginseng


Chicken (for samgyetang) : 2 chickens
Small octopus : 2 octopuses
Abalone : 2 pieces
Jujube : 4 pieces
Ginkgo nut : 8 nuts
Whole garlic : 4 pieces
Welsh onion : 1/4 piece
Korean Red ginseng : 2 pieces
Glutinous rice soaked in water : 1/2 cup
Korean Red ginseng extract : 1 Ts
Water : 7 cups
Wheat flour : 3 Ts


1. Cleanly wash the chickens and brush out the abalones.

2. Remove the intestines from the small octopuses and knead them with wheat flour. Then, rinse them in water.

3. Dry the jujubes with a dry cloth. Stir-fry ginkgo nuts and remove their peels.

4. Remove water from the glutinous rice soaked in water. Then, mix it with the Korean red ginseng extract (1/2 Ts).

5. Stuff the chickens with the ingredients from the steps 3 and 4 and garlic, and bind the chicken legs.

6. Pour boiling water onto the chickens to remove impurities on the skin.

7. Pour water into a pot. Once boiled, add Korean red ginseng and its extract. Then, put the chickens and boil.

8. Once the chickens are cooked, add abalones and small octopuses.

9. Put the chickens, abalones and small octopuses on a dish. Top the chopped Welsh onion on them.

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