Kabocha Squash Lasagna with Korean Red Ginseng

Kabocha Squash Lasagna with Korean Red Ginseng is …


Kabocha squash is rich in the immunity-reinforcing ingredient ‘β-carotene’ and effective in stabilizing respiratory tract mucosa. Therefore, this dish is good for children who are suffering from allergic asthma or rhinitis. In particular, kabocha squash lasagna would be effective in making children eat vegetables.



Kabocha squash : 1/2 piece, Sour cream : 1 Ts
Mozzarella cheese : 1/2 cup, Minced parsley : 1 Ts



Wheat flour : 100g
Egg : 1, Oil : 1 Ts, Salt Little

Tomato Sauce


Tomato : 1, Onion : 1
Bacon : 4 pieces, Minced garlic : 1 Ts
Olive oil : 1 Ts, Salt : 1/2 Ts

Bechamel Sauce


Milk : 2 and half cups, Korean Red ginseng powder : 1 ts
Wheat flour, butter : 1 Ts each, Salt, black pepper : Little each



1. Pour the dough ingredients into a bowl and knead them. Leave it in a plastic bag for about an hour for aging. Cut it into three pieces and roll them out thin.

2. Cut the tomato and onion into dices and chop the bacon.

3. Pour cooking oil on a pan and add minced garlic and bacon. Stir-fry and add tomato and onion. Add salt and boil down until a tomato sauce is made.

4. Pour bechamel sauce ingredients into a pot and stir until they boil over. Then, turn down the cooktop.

5. Steam the kabocha squash. Peel it off and remove the core. Chop it with a lump of 100g left. Cut the remaining into slices.

6. Cook the kabocha squash slices in a microwave oven for 1 minute and 30 minutes. Mix them with sour cream.

7. Put the dough on a grain bowl and slightly brush the bechamel sauce (about one thirds of the given amount). Put about half of the kabocha squash from the step 6 at the bottom. Then, add half of the tomato sauce over it and scatter mozzarella cheese.

8. Add the bechamel sauce again and place the dough and kabocha squash slices. Then, apply the remaining tomato sauce.

9. Scatter mozzarella cheese, remaining bechamel sauce and minced parsley. Cook it in a 150°C oven for 45 minutes.

Recipes Tips !


Stir-fry the bechamel sauce over low heat.

A bechamel sauce is a basic sauce needed in making white cream. Wheat flour is added to butter and stir-fried so that it tastes savory. It plays a key role in creating sauce density. Do not stir-fry the bechamel sauce over high heat. Otherwise, wheat flour will get scorched. Cook it over low heat.

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