Creamy Chicken Pasta with Korean Red Ginseng

Creamy Chicken Pasta with Korean Red Ginseng is …

In general, pasta is loved by women and children. It offers diverse tastes depending on its sauce. An addition of Korean red ginseng to a cream sauce makes the pasta more savory and tasteful, reducing the greasy taste.




Fettuccine : 150g
Chicken breast : 2 pieces
Button mushroom : 4 pieces
Broccoli : 1/4 piece, Onion : 1/2 piece
Minced garlic : 1/2 ts, Whole garlic : 3 pieces
Bay leaf : 1 leaf, Chicken stock : 2 lumps
Korean Red ginseng extract : 1 ts
Fresh cream : 1 cup, Milk : 1 cup
White wine : 2 Ts, Cherry tomato : 4 pieces
Minced parsley  : 1 Ts, Water : 3 cups, Olive oil : 2 Ts
Salt, black pepper, basil powder Little



1. Pour water into a pot. Once it boils, add olive oil and salt. Boil fettuccine and mix it in oil.

2. Make small cuts in the chicken breast and put it into boiling water. Add the half of onion and whole garlic and bay leaves and boil them for 15 minutes.

3. Tear the chicken breast from the step 2 into slices and pour a Korean red ginseng chicken stock.

4. Mince the remaining onions and cut the button mushrooms into slices. Cut the broccoli into 2cm-long slices.

5. Pour cooking oil on a pan and add the onion and minced garlic and button mushrooms from the step 4. Then, stir-fry them.

6. Add white wine to the mixture from the step 5 and pour in the Korean red ginseng chicken stock from the step 3.

7. Add basil powder to the stock from the step 6. Once it boils, put the noodles, chicken breast and broccoli. Then, Season the food with salt and black pepper.

8.Pour in fresh cream and milk into the food from the step 7 and stir.

9. Once the fettuccine is cooked, turn off the cooktop. Put the food on a dish and decorate it with cherry tomato and minced parsley

Recipes Tips !

Make sure that noodles are sufficiently seasoned in the Korean red ginseng chicken stock.

When boiling spaghetti noodles, they should be seasoned with salt. Boil the noodles in the Korean red ginseng chicken stock first. Then, add cream or milk to make the noodles well mixed with the sauce.

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